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Phil Cooke Podcast

Jun 25, 2019

Is your open office driving you nuts? Phil Cooke shares tips on creative office designs that will yield the most productivity for your team, plus insight on how a good design can help circumvent sexual harassment in the workplace.


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Jun 18, 2019

Ben Field shares his career path to Head of Film and Television for Hillsong Church in this interview with Phil Cooke. Fulfill your purpose in media with Ben’s insight on following your dreams, managing creative teams and building your skillset for film and television.


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Jun 11, 2019

Building effective teams is an important leadership skill that many leaders get wrong. Here are my 5 key mistakes that are holding many leaders back from the amazing work their team is capable of.


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Jun 4, 2019

Getting new visitors to church can be hard. Keeping them can be even harder. Phil Cooke helps pastors understand the importance of first impressions in an 8 second culture.


Technology has dramatically changed the way we live. We live in an 8 second world where people are so distracted, they make decisions about...