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Phil Cooke Podcast

Jun 25, 2019

Is your open office driving you nuts? Phil Cooke shares tips on creative office designs that will yield the most productivity for your team, plus insight on how a good design can help circumvent sexual harassment in the workplace.


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Best Office Spaces for Creative Teams

Designing the right office for your creative team is important. A well-thought out design can spur creativity while a poor design can stifle it. 


The open office was a great idea that ultimately never worked out well. There was no privacy and no quiet place to work. In most cases, they’ve proven to be a disaster.


Brainstorming is great, but there comes a time when you have to go into your office, shut the door and work. The best office design would have a big open space for people to talk and brainstorm, but also give everyone private offices where they can work without constant interruptions.


Statistics prove that if you are interrupted, it can take you 25-40 minutes to regain that same level of focus you had before that interruption!


Windows are also important especially in our day of so much inappropriate activity and harassment at work. I wouldn’t build an office today without office doors that are glass or at least a window in the wall so people can see in. We need to do everything we can in our work spaces so nobody’s taking advantage of.


Office space is more important than most people think. Don’t let the same guy who designed your warehouse or your sanctuary design your office space. They need to understand what space works, how people interact, and what leads towards the most productivity. 



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