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Phil Cooke Podcast

Jun 4, 2019

Getting new visitors to church can be hard. Keeping them can be even harder. Phil Cooke helps pastors understand the importance of first impressions in an 8 second culture.


Technology has dramatically changed the way we live. We live in an 8 second world where people are so distracted, they make decisions about people, churches and even pastors – within the first 4-8 seconds. For pastors, this means you must be intentional about training your teams and your people to create a culture of hospitality in your church.


This involves focus on every level, from the parking lot to the lobby and all the way to the sanctuary. You’ve got to capture a visitor’s attention in the first 8 seconds as they come onto your property! Getting their attention matters and can help pave the way for them to have a deeper experience with God. The stakes are too high to fail. – Phil Cooke


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