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Phil Cooke Podcast

Jun 23, 2020

Do you feel called to ministry or to start a nonprofit? Phil Cooke interviews Ann White, founder of Courage for Life, to talk about her journey from idea to impactful ministry in just five years. Here’s how to take those first steps towards your nonprofit to launch something that could potentially change the world.


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**More about this episode: ** How to Start a Nonprofit Organization or Ministry – Interview with Ann White

Ann White reached out to Phil Cooke and Cooke Media Group several years ago to help establish the vision and calling God had placed on her heart. It began with a rebrand and a defining of the “one thing” – the niche – that God had called her to. Now, five years later, Ann’s ministry, Courage for Life, is impacting many lives and opening doors she never dreamed possible.


In this interview, Phil and Ann discuss defining your niche, financing the vision of your ministry or nonprofit, and asking people to come alongside you in this vision. Phil’s four steps to start a ministry are:

  1. Find the niche. Find the place God has called you to that nobody else is doing.
  2. Understand messaging. The way you communicate the vision is important.
  3. Look for that big idea. What is something tha could change the way we reach this culture or how you minister to people?
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask people for help, to ask people for support.


Here are some quick take-aways from today’s interview:

“If you’re not willing to invest in your vision, I really question the power of the vision.” Phil Cooke

“If we let failure stop us, we wouldn’t get anything done.” Ann White

“People want to be part of a great vision.” Phil Cooke

“Keep your hands open, because if God’s in it and behind it, he’s going to make things happen in ways you couldn’t think of, dream or imagine.” Ann White

“If you’re holding back, it’s probably the perfect time to start.” Phil Cooke