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Phil Cooke Podcast

May 26, 2021

Got talent or great ideas that are not being noticed? Here’s 5 tips from Phil Cooke to get your talent noticed and advance your career. It all starts with believing in yourself and the calling on your life.


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*Helping leaders navigate their calling and career in today’s distracted media-driven culture*

Do you have a message or story the world needs to hear? As a Hollywood producer and media consultant, I offer advice for leaders and creatives each week on creative leadership, digital media, branding and marketing strategies, film and TV production – and the faith to take you from where you are to where you want to be in your career.

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*More About This Episode* Get Your Talent Noticed – 5 Tips to Advance Your Career

Take action today! These 5 tips can help move your career forward.


1. Invest in yourself.

Believe in yourself. Get the tools you need for where you want to go with your career. Get a better computer, camera, lighting gear. Go to the right conferences – and pay for it if your company won’t.


Ask yourself: What are the areas I can be investing in that will help me in my career and calling and move me towards my future?


2. Do it for free.

Look for opportunities to volunteer or work for free to help get your name out there. Speak at conferences, get on workshop panels, write magazine articles. Get your work and your voice out there.


3. Take social media seriously.

Take advantage of the opportunities on social media. Design your social media to talk about your career, your expertise, your talent. Throw ideas out there and teach people things. Use social media strategically and it will change the way people think of you.


4. Start speaking and writing.

Start blogging, podcasting, speaking at events. If you’re not good at speaking, then take a class or read a book to gain that skill. (Check out Phil’s book to find out how to speak to a digital generation.)


And don’t be discouraged if you only have two people listening. That’s two more than you had before. Get your ideas out there.


5. Just do it.

What do you want to do? Write a book, produce a movie, become a social media expert? Hone your talent. Create a portfolio, create a demo reel, develop a website. Don’t wait for an agent. Start now and just do it.


Your lack of equipment or budget shouldn’t be holding you back. Get serious about your talent and your calling and get your talent on the radar.