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Phil Cooke Podcast

Sep 15, 2021

Leadership is about communication: what you say and what people hear can be two different things. When it comes to communicating your vision, here’s 5 things I wish leaders would stop saying.


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*More About This Episode* Leadership Skills: 5 Things Leaders Should Never Say

If you’re not communicating your vision and values well, it can undermine your credibility as a leader. Hone your leadership skills with these “5 things you should never say” and become the best leader you can be:


  1. I’m busy:Nobody cares. We’re all “busy” these days. When you regularly remind everyone how busy you are, what they hear is: “I’m obviously more important than you and I’m doing more important work.”


  1. I’m authentic:Stop telling people how “authentic” you are and just startbeing authentic. Authenticity means the real thing. It’s the term we use to confirm an original painting or other collectible object. It’s means truthful and not false. Which means that if you have to remind people that you’re authentic, then you’re probably not.


  1. I’ve been doing this for _____ years:Experience is good, but it doesn’t equal expertise. A real authority knows his stuff, so he doesn’t have to remind everyone about his long experience. In fact, the minute someone uses that on me, red flags go up.


  1. He or she is my personal friend:We’ve all been guilty of this in our writing, speaking, and conversation. We mention someone famous or important – someone we know– and just can’t help but mention that he or she is our personal friend. The problem is its been overdone to the point that everyone immediately recognizes it as self-promotion.


  1. I’m in charge:See “I’m authentic.” The bottom line is that if you have to remind everyone you’re the boss, then you’re not the boss. If you’re the leader, bethe leader and you won’t constantly have to remind everyone.


Let’s say that again: If you’re the leader, be the leader, and you won’t constantly have to remind everyone. Each of the phrases above undermine your leadership, so the best thing you can do is to never say them again.


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