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Phil Cooke Podcast

Dec 4, 2018

An accurate perception of your leadership skills can significantly affect your career. A lack of it can get you fired! Here are important tips from Phil Cooke on how to improve your self-awareness.


How do other people see you? Is your view of yourself and your leadership abilities, talent, behaviors and attitudes in synch with how everyone else perceives you?


An accurate self-assessment is important for your career as a leader and a team member. Most people are fired because they simply can’t get along with other people in the office!


Self-awareness is something you constantly have to be thinking of and monitoring. Phil offers several ways to make sure your perception of yourself is accurate…


Ask others how you’re doing.Don’t ask people who report directly to you or who rely on a paycheck from you, but rather, ask peers or associates who will be brutally honest with you. Get objective opinions about your performance, your leadership style, your behavior and your attitudes. Their honesty can help you be a better leader.


Study the lives of leaders who are at a level above you.How did they get where they’re at? Raise the bar in your own life by studying their lives and leadership. It will help take you to the next level in your own leadership skills.


Teach self-awareness to your team. Many people are ignorant of how others perceive them. Every employee needs to understand what self-awareness is and constantly monitor themselves and how others view them.


Do a personality test for your team. These tests can help people understand how they are wired. It can be freeing for them to let go of areas that aren’t their strengths and focus on the areas they’re gifted in.


An accurate personal assessment can significantly affect your career. People who are the most self-aware have an incredibly accurate understanding of what’s coming down the road – and you’ll be able to adjust to a changing culture and changing business realm faster than anyone else. – Phil Cooke


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