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Phil Cooke Podcast

Nov 25, 2020

Don’t derail your career! These keys to success from Phil Cooke will help you last the long term as a creative leader. Find out what makes people get off track and explore the ways you can finish well and inspire others. Whether you’re in media and communications, the film or television industry, these secrets gleaned from interviews with Hollywood studio executives, producers and directors will help you sustain your career.


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Do you have a message or story the world needs to hear? As a Hollywood producer and media consultant, I offer advice for leaders and creatives each week on filmmaking, digital media, publishing, strategy, communication, leadership, culture and faith – to help you get from where you are to where you want to be in your career.

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*More About This Episode* 8 Keys to Success for a Long-Term Career

  1. Start writing things down. An idea, an interesting thought – successful people write it down.
  2. Default to action. Be intentional and make decisions quickly.
  3. Be willing to take the hits. Own your mistakes and move forward.
  4. Be ruthless about your time. Dreaming is great, but execution is how you move things forward. If God’s called you to something great, you need to say no to some things. Start protecting your time.
  5. Stop making decisions. Be conscious of decision-fatigue. How many decisions could be delegated to others? What decisions are you making that don’t need to be made at all?
  6. Discover your one big thing. Let go of things that hold you back from doing what you are amazing at.
  7. Understand the power of your story. Your story matters! Think of how your story could influence and impact the way you work.
  8. Understand the power of teams.