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Phil Cooke Podcast

Mar 26, 2020

Live streaming is the new church mode with social distancing ordinances provoked by COVID-19. Phil Cooke offered this free live webinar to help pastors and their media and communications teams develop an online strategy that is effective and engaging for their congregations and communities.


Joining Phil is his Cooke Media Group team including Dan Wathen, Executive Producer; Dawn Baldwin, Lead Strategist; Laura Woodworth, Development Executive; and Victoria Hansen, Production Coordinator.


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More about this episode: Church Online – Maximizing Your Online Worship Experience with Phil Cooke

Topics for the webinar include:

  • Best Live Streaming
  • Shooting for Small Screens at Home
  • Before the Service: How to Engage Your Audience Before the Service Begins
  • Pre-Service Planning and Preparation with your Media and Communications Team
  • Casting the Vision: Understanding the Importance of Gathering the Online Community
  • Planning for Your Easter Service
  • Expanding Your Reach: How to Maximize Community Engagement Offline
  • Encouragement for Church Teams during the Coronavirus Pandemic