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Phil Cooke Podcast

Jan 15, 2019

Are you able to tell your story well? Leaders and those who want to impact the lives of others should master the art of storytelling. Phil Cooke offers three critical keys to help you tell the defining story of your life more effectively.


Telling your story is important and it can have a profound effect on others. Whether it’s motivating or encouraging, somebody needs to hear it. Make sure it’s the most effective story with these three critical keys to telling your story well…


  1. Be self-aware.Have an accurate appraisal of your gifts, talents and behavior – the essence of who you are. Take a hard look at your own life and ask people their perception of your strengths, weaknesses and shortcomings. As you become more self-aware, you’ll be able to share your story with more impact.


  1. Keep your story short.Condense it for an “8-second world.” Stop talking before your audience stops listening!


  1. Practice telling your story.Rehearse it to get it short and to the point; develop it so that it connects emotionally with the person you’re sharing it with. Always be ready with a good story.


You never know when someone might ask about your life. Learn to tell your story effectively and always leave your audience asking for more. Your ability to telling a compelling story could be your key to become a better leader. – Phil Cooke


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