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Phil Cooke Podcast

Nov 14, 2018

Time off? Make the most of your holiday weekend and increase your productivity with these tips from Phil Cooke. Bonus: Find out how an attitude of gratitude can help your work environment and impact your business and career. Everybody’s busy and it’s important to take a break to recharge and refocus. What do you do when you have time off? Thanksgiving, Christmas and other long weekends offer a chance to pause and gain a fresh perspective. Here are ideas to consider when you have time off… 1. Be thankful. It’s not just for Thanksgiving! Use opportunities to encourage and thank your team. Companies that excel at employee recognition are 12X more likely to have strong positive business results. Encouragement helps! When you find a day off, think about who you need to thank and send them an encouraging note. 2. Do the cleanup! Do the job nobody else wants to do – on Thanksgiving day and at your workplace. Do the dirty work; tackle the hard jobs. If you look for and do the jobs that nobody wants to do, your boss and leaders will be grateful and you’ll be noticed. It can ultimately be your ticket to a promotion. 3. Read a book. Be intentional about fighting the effect of the digital revolution. It’s great exercise! Turn off your phone and find a book you can really enjoy. Stop – slow down – and read. 4. Stop being productivity. People mistake being busy with accomplishing something. Take time off – and get off the treadmill! Clear a space so you can focus on your creative time. 5. Reflect. Go to church, take time out… Take a day to stop, pause, pray and meditate. Holidays are a perfect time to remember what your purpose is, why you’re here and where you’re going. A day off can open up new ideas to you. Holiday weekend coming up? Take the time off to rest and refresh. You’ll be recharged for the next week and approach it with a new attitude. – Phil Cooke Read more Thanksgiving weekend ideas here: For more tips on how to encourage your team, read Phil’s blog at Get Phil’s “Unique – The Ultimate Planner for Creative Professionals” here: Order “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to our Brains” byy Nicholas Carr here: (Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.) Get a free eBook on Creativity! Sign up for Phil’s blog at Listen to the Phil Cooke Podcast here: Find out more about Cooke Pictures here: Visit Phil Cooke’s YouTube channel at