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Phil Cooke Podcast

Feb 12, 2019

Are your leadership skills hindered by your mood? Phil Cooke takes a hard look at how emotions impact and often damage a ministry or organization.


How do you come in to work? Angry, happy, sad… Over years of coaching pastors and leaders of ministries and non-profits, Phil has seen the tragic consequences of leaders driven by emotion.


You cannot project your emotions onto your team. If your mood changes from day to day or moment to moment, no one on your team knows how to respond to you. The standard of excellence is lost as everything your team accomplishes is evaluated by your mood – whether good or bad.


Take a hard look at how your emotions impact what you do. The best leaders motivate and inspire their teams. By leading with your emotions, you’ll never be able to take your people to the next level of excellence. – Phil Cooke


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