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Phil Cooke Podcast

Oct 17, 2018

Do you have a script, a movie, a book or just a great idea you need to pitch? Hollywood producer and media expert Phil Cooke shares 10 tips on pitching your dream in this week’s podcast.

How do you make your dream their dream? Here are 10 principles that can help you pitch your idea successfully.

  1. Bring multiple ideas. A great idea is the worst thing in the world if it’s the only one you’ve got!
  2. Do your homework. Search Google, read the trade magazines, find out what their goal is.
  3. It’s about relationships. Try to build a friendship instead of making this all about pitching.
  4. Ask their opinion.
  5. Limit your pitch to 3-5 minutes. These are busy people; honor their time.
  6. Don’t get too cute. It’s all about content.
  7. Give them time to think about it. “Stop singing before the audience stops listening.”
  8. Learn to listen. Don’t feel like you have to do all the talking; learn how to read the room.
  9. Plan for unexpected guests. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring them; introduce yourself and engage them just as much as the decision maker in the room.
  10. Know what success will mean for them. Understand their motivations and plan your pitch around that. Make your project the key to their success…

Make your dream their dream!

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