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Phil Cooke Podcast

Feb 3, 2021

Interested in a career as a news producer? In this interview, Susan Kroll, 7-time Emmy Award-winning NBC News coordinating producer, shares with Phil Cooke what it’s like to be a producer for national network news. In this very competitive field, Susan shares career tips to help you advance in a news job as well as what a day in the life of a news producer is like.


Winner of the 2020 Peabody Award on assignment with Richard Engel, Susan Kroll has coordinated all onsite news network coverage for stories such as the Sandy Hook school shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing, the Paris ISIS attacks and the capture of Saddam Hussein. More recently, Kroll has coordinated the news coverage of special events such as Pope Francis 2016 visit to the United States and the inauguration of President Biden.


Kroll has traveled all over the world to cover stories and live news reports, including the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. “I believe in what I do,” she says. “In some cases, I believe it’s worth my life.”


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