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Phil Cooke Podcast

Oct 27, 2021

Have you considered a career in radio? My interview with Ruth O’Reilly-Smith, Christian radio host for United Christian Broadcast, offers an inspiring and inside view to her career track from a grocery announcer to a national broadcast radio host. If radio is in your DNA, you’ll be encouraged to put the work in to make your dream come true.


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*More About This Episode* Interview: Ruth O’Reilly-Smith – Christian Radio Host – UCB Media, Author


Ruth O’Reilly-Smith is a Christian radio host for United Christian Broadcasters radio and the author of “God Speaks - 40 Letters From The Father's Heart.” She was born in South Africa and has lived in the UK since 1999 where she met and married her husband. Ruth started out in radio in 1995, while studying teaching at the University of Pretoria. The radio bug had bitten and she went on to work as presenter of a variety of music and talk-based shows, along with heading up the news desk at a Christian community radio station. Since moving to the UK, Ruth has continued in radio and worked in the news room and as host of music and talk-based programs for two separate global Christian media charities (Christian Vision and UCB.)


Ruth currently hosts a week day radio show called, This Is My Story on UCB2, which is part of United Christian Broadcasters, a national Christian radio station broadcasting across the UK. Ruth also enjoys writing and wrote for the Our Daily Bread Ministries publication for a number of years and then authored the new devotional book “God Speaks – 40 Letters From The Father’s Heart,” published by Authentic Media and available here:


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