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Phil Cooke Podcast

Jan 29, 2019

Will live streaming affect your church attendance? Phil Cooke consults many pastors and ministry leaders on navigating a changing media landscape, and one of the big changes is live streaming.


If you’re hesitant about live streaming, here are a few big picture things to keep in mind:


The church will always be a place where people engage.It’s so much more than listening to a sermon online; there will always be a place in people’s lives for attending an actual church.


Streaming makes what God is doing in your church available to people elsewhere. You’re able to reach people who are not able to physically attend for one reason or another, such as travel or sickness. Shut-ins can benefit as well.


Phil has not seen attendance decline when churches begin live streaming. Statistics show that when you stream, it opens your service up to a larger audience and you begin to have a global impact.


Here are a few quick tips for live streaming…

Try to avoid wide shots.Remember that people are watching on a small screen, whether through an iPad, laptop or phone. Try to get up close to create a more intimate experience for those screens. It’s much like shooting for IMAG.

(See Phil’s blog about directing for IMAG here: )


Think in terms of a campus experience,rather than a live experience. Make people feel like they’re part of a campus by speaking to them directly. Thank them for watching and always remember to invite them to visit.


Make live streamers feel like they’re part of your church. If your live stream is compelling and more of an experience, people will want to support it and be a part of it.


Phil encourages pastors and ministry leaders to explore the possibilities of live streaming. Live stream doesn’t take the place of a church; rather, it’s all about making the gospel available to as many people as possible. – Phil Cooke


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