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Phil Cooke Podcast

Feb 5, 2019

Interested in a successful career in Hollywood? Phil Cooke interviews Hollywood Prayer Network founder Karen Covell with tips on the spiritual aspect of how to be survive – and thrive in Hollywood.


Jim and Karen Covellstarted the Hollywood Prayer Networkas a prayer ministry in 2001. As active industry professionals, their vision and mission is to encourage Christians to pray for believers and non-believers working in the entertainment industry in Hollywood.


A career in Hollywood in film or television is challenging and very few people survive and go on to success. Whether you’re an actor, director, producer or crew on a set in Hollywood, Karen offers several keys to being successful and “making it in Hollywood.”


For creatives in Los Angeles, community is important.You can’t do it alone. Often creatives feel like they’re all alone in Hollywood, but that’s not the case. The Hollywood Prayer Network can help Christians connect with other Christians in LA and gain a prayer covering for what they are working to accomplish in the industry.


The church needs to understand that society needs creative people.Hollywood is defining our culture and Christians can have an influence on that. Phil adds that the people in Hollywood are not necessarily anti-God or anti-Christian, it’s more how they’ve been raised.


Creative people are spiritual and open to spiritual things.Karen mentions that she’s never been turned down when she offers prayer. She’s seeing a shift in the industry where Christians are not afraid to share with others – and unbelievers are open to what someone believes, even if it’s different from what they believe.


People moving to LA should be ready to commit for the long haul to be successful. Get experience first through the city you live in or nearby before you move to LA. Hollywood is a brutal place. You must stay connected to your faith and know that there’s a bigger picture outside of your career.


Phil adds that it’s important to make sure that your spouse is united with you in the decision to move to Hollywood. Make sure you’re on the same page before you move here. (See Phil’s blog on that topic here:


Phil encourages creatives not to come to Hollywood unless you’re committed and driven. There are other cities where other filming is happening; it may not be the top tier, but they are hiring local crew and you can gain experience before you make the leap to LA. Karen adds you can connect with the film commission in every state where you live.


Don’t come to Hollywood unless there’s nothing else you can do. You have to know in your heart this is absolutely the right move for you.


Karen’s last words of advice for creatives considering a move to Hollywood:

--Have relationships along the way.

--Know that even the biggest failure is not a failure; you’re learning and growing. If you find it hard, connect with the Hollywood Prayer Network!

--Work hard and keep growing in your talent.

--Be prepared to persevere for the long haul.


The Hollywood Prayer Network has three goals:

  1. To pray through the call sheets of current issues and people in the industry.
  2. To match prayer partners with media missionaries.
  3. To encourage kids and families to pray together for Hollywood through an online calendar.


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