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Phil Cooke Podcast

Jun 23, 2021

Why should churches and pastors be concerned about public relations? In this episode, Phil Cooke interviews Johnnie Moore, founder and CEO of The KAIROS Company, and explores why pastors should consider retaining public relations consultants, the biggest mistake churches make in managing a crisis, how to handle controversy and what to do when cancel culture comes to your church.


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*More About This Episode* Interview with Johnnie Moore: Public Relations and Crisis Management for Churches and Pastors

I’ve always believed that it’s not “if” a crisis will happen, it’s “when” a crisis will happen, and it’s always good to be prepared and ahead of the challenge. As Johnnie said, “Any ministry or church of any reasonable size and influence ought to have communications professionals retained in the same way you hire lawyers, accountants and other professionals.”


Quick takeaways from today’s interview:

  • Most legal and accounting problems come from handling communications badly… or not communicating well.
  • Influence is a gift that God gives to certain leaders, certain institutions. God forgive that you’re arrogant or prideful… you have to manage it.
  • When people know what you’re doing, it becomes contagious. There is a righteous task in telling your story.
  • We should become better storytellers outside of a sermon.
  • Even in a small church, a rural community – a pastor is influential.
  • The most valuable commodity in the world is not oil or gas, it’s trust. When you lose trust, you lose a cherished asset.
  • Everything is controversial to some point… Have a realistic expectation that you’re not going to be popular all the time.
  • If you’re a servant of Jesus, you can’t be a slave to other people’s opinions.
  • You don’t have to have an opinion on everything.
  • As a Christian, you don’t have permission to not love anyone.
  • Concerning cancel culture: You can’t change what you believe. You can’t change who you are. Just dust the sand off your feet and move on.


Johnnie Moore is founder and CEO of The KAIROS Company and President of The Congress of Christian Leaders. He is best known for his work at the intersection of faith and foreign policy and is a Presidential appointee as a Commissioner for the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. He has been named one of America’s twenty-five most influential evangelicals. Rev. Moore has authored several books and appeared on numerous television, radio, print, and online outlets to provide analysis and commentary on various topics. His work has appeared in The Washington Post, Fox News, and CNN. Read more here: