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Phil Cooke Podcast

May 12, 2021

Internships can be a great entry point for high school and college students to work as creatives, especially in the film industry. Phil Cooke outlines best practices for making an internship work to advance your career in Hollywood or the city of your choice.


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*Helping leaders navigate their calling and career in today’s distracted media-driven culture*

Do you have a message or story the world needs to hear? As a Hollywood producer and media consultant, I offer advice for leaders and creatives each week on creative leadership, digital media, branding and marketing strategies, film and TV production – and the faith to take you from where you are to where you want to be in your career.

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*More About This Episode* Internships for Creatives

As entry points into the film industry or other creative career, the experience you can gain as an intern can be critically important for your career. If you’re considering an internship, here’s eight points to keep in mind:


  1. Remember why you are there: you’re there to get around smart people. You can learn remarkable things if you watch, learn and engage.


  1. Be ready to assist with anything. Get coffee, deliver a script, run errands. Work hard and do it well, bearing in mind that you are not there to be abused or put yourself in compromising situations.


  1. Make it your goal to make yourself indispensable. Whatever it is you do, become indispensable so that at the end of your internship, they realize they can’t survive without you! It could open up a paid job for you.


  1. Remember: You aren’t there to be abused. Determine ahead of time where the line is for you. If you end up in a compromising situation, never allow yourself to be taken advantage of.


  1. Don’t make serious decisions without approval or clarification. Always ask for approval before you execute your “great idea” that could cost the company time and money!


  1. Find an internship in the city you want to live in. Hollywood, Dallas, New York, Atlanta, Chicago… Think about where you want to build your career and intern there.


  1. Consider the logistics. Work out your transportation, housing, and income so you are free to say yes to an internship.


  1. If you’re a Christian, your internship is not just a job, it’s a mission field. Lead with your talent, not with your faith. Make sure they see that first – then the door can open for sharing your faith.