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Phil Cooke Podcast

Feb 19, 2019

A podcast or media interview can impact your career in profound ways, offering the opportunity to share your expertise and enhance your reputation. Phil Cooke offers seven tips to help you be more articulate when your interview opportunity comes along.


With the rise in popularity of podcasts, your chances of being interviewed are going way up! If you’re a designer, leader, filmmaker, teacher, coach – whatever you do, your reputation and credibility can be heightened by being able to articulate well.


Here are Phil’s tips on how to do a great interview:


  1. Start preparing now! You never know where an interview may happen. Determine your area of expertise and practice an interview when you’re alone.


  1. Relax! Enjoy the moment and the opportunity to talk about something you love.


  1. Be aware of fill-in words like oh, ah, um… Nothing makes you look less credible and professional. Don’t be afraid to pause to gather your thoughts or stop talking at the end of a sentence.


  1. If you’re not naturally funny, be careful attempting it. You don’t need to be cute or comical. A serious interview about an important topic is just as good as a comedic one.


  1. Know your area of expertise and be prepared to give a 3-5 minute talk at any moment. Practice keeping it to the point with short responses to possible questions.


  1. Focus your thoughts and don’t ramble. Most interviews will only be about 7-11 minutes. Don’t go down rabbit trails or into peripheral stories. You have a limited amount of time and this may be your only opportunity to express yourself well.


  1. Think of a beginning, middle and end of your interview and interview responses. Continuity will help you tell your story more effectively.


The Bible says to be ready in season and out of season. You should be ready to share your story or your area of expertise at any moment, should the interview opportunity come up. Once people see how articulate you are, it can open more opportunities to get your message heard. – Phil Cooke


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