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Phil Cooke Podcast

Nov 6, 2018

Building a long-term career in the film and television industry can be a struggle. Talent matters, but there are other things that lend towards success. In this episode, Phil Cooke offers 4 keys to freelancers for a creative career that lasts.


Creativity is a volatile business. Phil has been in Hollywood since 1991 and has seen directors, actors, art designers and even studio executives in the film and television world burn out. What’s the difference between a person that succeeds and has a long career and someone who doesn’t?


Talent matters – but it’s not always talent that breaks through in a competitive industry. Here are 4 keys to building a successful freelance career:


  1. Find your ultimate niche.Have the flexibility to recognize when a shift happens in the industry and adapt to it. Be ready to change.


A change in plan doesn’t mean your dream can’t be accomplished. Considering opportunities that run parallel to your dream can extend your career rather than landing you in a position where you need to sell real estate or coffee to make a living.


Phil’s book “Jolt – Get the Jump on a World that’s Constantly Changing” can help position you for seeing other opportunities in a changing industry.


  1. Constantly question your purpose.Always be asking: Why am I here? Why am I doing this? What is my purpose? Am I making a difference?


Phil’s book “One Big Thing – Discovering What You Were Born To Do” can help you define your career and focus your life on becoming extraordinary at one thing.

 (Please note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

When you discover your purpose, you will be released to let go of all the things that were distracting you - and you’ll gain the confidence and courage to say no to what God has notcalled you to do.


  1. Keep learning.If you’re not growing, you’re dying. Become an authority in a specific area that you could become well-known for. Start owning a certain area of the entertainment business.


People who disregard this, do so at the cost of their career. Are you reading? Are you studying? Read industry magazines, attend conferences; listen to podcasts – find people who are smarter than you and learn from them.


  1. Always evaluate and think about what value you bring to your employer. Even as a freelancer, you have someone who is hiring you. What value do you bring to the table? If you can’t identify your value, they can’t identify it either!


You can build a successful career in the creative industry if you will think of these things constantly. The industry changes quickly and you have to evaluate and adjust if you’re going to have a career that lasts. Don’t be a one-hit wonder.


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