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Phil Cooke Podcast

Dec 11, 2018

Are you wired to freelance? The success of your career depends on making the right choice between freelancing and full-time employment. Phil Cooke offers questions to consider as you determine the best fit for yourself and your future.


While some people are wired to be a freelancer, others are better suited to be an employee. For example, fulltime employees get insurance benefits, a regular salary and the stability of knowing they have a fulltime job.


Freelancers have more freedom – but they wake up unemployed every morning. They’re always hustling. To be successful, you’ve got to take charge of your career. It’s a huge responsibility.


Neither choice is necessarily better or worse. You just have to determine: How am I wired?


Ask yourself these questions…

Do I need resources?

Do I need stability?

Do I need staff and people around me every day?

Do I need a regular work schedule?


Or… Am I more comfortable being in command of my own destiny?

Am I okay with the responsibility of having to do the sales and all the hustle?

Do I want the freedom to work when I want and when I don’t want?


One of the biggest reasons people’s career don’t work out is because they’re in the wrong place. Understand the difference between freelancing and employment and then weigh it out with how you are wired. Your future self will thank you for it. – Phil Cooke


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