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Phil Cooke Podcast

Nov 6, 2018

Can you schedule creativity? Most highly creative people have a regular routine. In this episode, Phil Cooke shares truths and practical ways to inspire your imagination.


Everybody is creative, but research shows that most significant creativity drops at age six! Creativity is the currency of this culture. In a time when CEO’s are looking for creative employees, these truths from Phil Cooke will spark your imagination and even help you schedule your creative moments:


Inspiration happens when you have a regular routine.Train your brain so that when you show up, something happens! Most highly creative people are slaves to routine.


Different people have different creative rhythms. What time are you most creative?Carve your day around that moment and try to find as much alone time as you can.


Real creativity happens in solitude.Brainstorming is great, but at some point you need to go in your office, shut the door and work it out. Real breakthrough ideas happen in solitude.


Creative thinking needs a place to happen. Where are you most creative? Even in a regular job, you can shape your day around ways to help you focus and create. Be open to the moments where you can get creative insight (in the shower, in the car, in a coffeeshop, etc.).


Ruts kill creativity.Start doing things differently. Drive home a different way. Change your habits and you’ll start seeing new things and your creativity will be recharged.


Daydreaming is good for creativity - and good for your brain. That relaxed random thinking where ideas can pop in and out of your head is good for you. Don’t let your phone rob you of creative moments.


Most breakthrough ideas are ridiculed before they are valued.Stick with it; pursue it. Be tenacious long enough for your idea to gain value.


Here are a few more quick tips to stir your creativity…

  1. Start reading books about creativity. Phil recommends these resources:


  1. Allow for analog space in your digital list.Be wary about the “ease” of technology and apps that keep you connected to your phone and computer. Check out Phil’s new planner:
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Apply these truths from Phil Cooke and let your creativity be recharged.



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