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Phil Cooke Podcast

Aug 2, 2022

Is your nonprofit fundraising and growth strategy outdated? Find out the innovative strategies that will carry your nonprofit organization into 2030 as Phil Cooke interviews Allen Thornburgh, Vice President of Strategic Innovation, In this conversation, they uncover the limitations of data-driven strategies while exploring the insights that human centered design can provide for nonprofits. Start creating imaginative sustainer programs that invite donors into an exceptional experience designed with them in mind.

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*More About This Episode* Innovative Strategies for Nonprofit Fundraising: Interview with Allen Thornburgh, Masterworks
Allen Thornburgh is a creative innovator who loves developing new audiences and new experiences for bold nonprofits determined to dramatically grow for impact maximization. To
this end, Allen has an eclectic background of insights-driven Human Centered Design work, in-depth marketing analytics, nonprofit strategic leadership, expert co-creation facilitation and
segment-driven direct-response marketing.

Allen is Vice President of Strategic Innovation at Masterworks and believes that we are in the early days of a revolution in nonprofit growth strategies. This revolution is focusing on new audiences and experiences as intensely as our sector has long focused on platforms and channels.